Coco Husk Chips are 100% natural and renewable resource and come with irregular shapes, chopped/cut slicing pieces manufactured from the husk that surrounds the coconut. These chips are available in different sizes and different grades (S, SS, SSS, and crush) depending on the application. Husk chips are one of the best soil conditioners and they give good aeration, water absorbability, and temperature conditioner. It gives its full efficiency in any soil and in any weather conditions. Coco Husk Chips can be used as an alternative to Fir Bark. These are used in the farming industry and other agricultural practices.
TAPROBANE, we deliver very clean, uniform products without wastage and all our materials are with excellent drainage and high cation exchange capacity (CEC).  We always maintain a natural PH level with an identical EC Level.
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Coco Husk Chips are generally available in 5Kg, 25Kg bales, Briquette, and loose bags and they can be mixed with Coco Pith in different ratios depending on the type of vegetation and customer requirement.
Husk Chip sizes are available in S, SS, SSS, Crushed, and bigger. They can be provided, washed, or unwashed with a Low EC level or High EC level.
Usually, the Standard sizes of Coco Peat bales are 5Kg & 25 Kg and it also comes as a briquette, a much smaller and compacted version.
5Kg Husk Chip Block
5 Kg bale is one of the most popular compressed forms of Coco Husk Chip which are a manageable weight and easy-to-handle size. These are made from compressed husk being cut into a specific dimension.
These blocks can be easily breakable by hand and good for Anthurium, Bromeliads, Orchid growers, mulching, and animal farmers. These blocks have high water holding capacity (10 times their weight)
TAPROBANE, we can provide two types of quality Coco Husk Chips Blocks with Washed and unwashed materials in different chip sizes
Coco Husk Chip Crushed materials (small pcs)
5 Kg (+/- 100g)
30cm x 30cm x 15cm
Compression Ratio
No of Block per pallet
40ft hc Container (20 pallets = 4400 blocks) (22mt)
Coco Husk Chips (4mm t 6mm range)
5 Kg (+/- 100g)
30cm x 30cm x 14cm
Compression Ratio
No of Block per pallet
40ft HC Container (20 pallets = 4320 blocks) (21mt)
25 Kg Husk Chip Blocks
25 Kg Husk Chip block is ideal for clients with requirements with bulk quantities. The dimension of the block is 78cm x 44cm x 33cm and 600 bales can be loaded in a 40ft container.
Husk Chip Briquette
Husk Chip briquettes are a much smaller and compact version of the Husk Chip bale by using the same method of production.
Since it is hard compressed can load a maximum weight on a container. The standard size of the Husk Chip Briquette is 500g. It is the perfect size to handle and the perfect size for home gardeners. It works in the same way as the Husk Chip Bales
500 g
20cm x 10cm x 5cm
20 MT per 40ft HC in boxes/pallets
24 MT per 40ft HC in boxes/pallets
  • As a growing media for flower and vegetable cultivating
  • As a primary component in the substrate for growing orchid flowers along with other plants that form aerial roots
  • As a potting mixture
  • As a Soil Conditioner
  • As a weed controller in open fields
  • Use widely to line floors of greenhouses and in between plant beds to control weeds
  • Use in Horticulture
  • As a top layer in containers with plants (because of its attractive natural appearance)
  • As Reptile bedding
  • Use in animal farms to use as a medium that absorbs urine and animal residue
  • 100 % Natural and renewable resources
  • Last longer than bark with no degradation (over 5 years)
  • It helps fertilizer in giving its full efficiency in any soil under any weather condition (cut down fertilizer application up to 30%)
  • High water holding capacity and retention of plenty of air
  • Free of Weeds, Hinder insects, and harmful fungi.
  • Prevents stress after repotting
  • Produce ideal conditions for seed germination and root development in sandy soil and heavy soil