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What is Geotextile?
Coir Geotextiles have become a popular alternative to prevent soil erosion, protect river embankments & for soil stabilization. Coir Geotextiles have improved their presence in construction & agriculture industries in the recent past as a preferable solution for soil erosion over synthetic geotextiles due to their eco-friendliness.
Coir geo textiles are made out of coconut fibre by netting coconut fibre yarns together as a mesh. Since coir geotextiles are bio-degradable, the coir will be absorbed by the soil after a few years. Further, Coir geo textiles absorbed the water & help new vegetation to prevent it from drying out.
Coir Geotextiles are commonly used in civil engineering as a base for soil stabilizing. Further, Coir geo textiles use to dissipate the energy of flowing water.
“TAPROBANE INT” Provides 100% natural coconut fibre geotextiles with proper dimensions to meet your requirement at a competitive price.
Benefits of Geo Textiles
  • Eco Friendly & bio-degradable
  • Promote quick vegetation
  • Long life time
  • Higher moisture absorption ratio
  • Retains air & humidity of the soil
  • 100% natural product
  • Easy to lay in any surface
  • Minimum installation cost
  • No removal cost to be incur since its bio-degradable
  • Cost competitive compared to other alternative products
Standards dimensions
Loadability per 40ft Container
2m x 50m
280 rolls
2m x 50m
180 rolls
2m x 50m
110 rolls
  • Customized sizes can be produced based on the buyers requirement.